NAFF is a record label and online platform for emerging voices in electronic music. Founded in 2018 by Montréal born Francis Latreille and Adam Feingold, the label has released albums ranging in sound and scope, from techno to IDM, trance to experimental rap, and beyond. 

The label has cultivated relationships with musicians, both in Canada and abroad, who are driven by creative exploration and technological curiosity; who seek new forms of expression through thoughtful praxis. In 2020, Latreille and Feingold branched out with GARMO, a sister imprint inspired by geological systems, biometric rhythms, and earthen textures.  

With Jesse Osborne-Lanthier as lead designer, NAFF and GARMO have also become platforms for fruitful collaboration within the visual arts. From sculpture to painting and graphic design, the labels continue to commission works from artists engaged in diverse image-based practices.

NAFF and GARMO together comprise a distinct artistic universe that continues to expand.